Our Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for answers? Check out our FAQs, and reach out to us for further assistance. 

Do I need to be a Nevada resident to enter the contests?

Anybody over the age of 21 from anywhere in the world can enter the contests so long as they register in-person in Las Vegas at the designated casino.

Can I sign up for a friend or share an entry with a friend?

Yes, oftentimes contestants share entries with a group of friends. However, only one person is necessary to register for the contest in Las Vegas. Any prize money won will have to be handled between the individual parties.

Can I make any changes to my picks?

Yes, clients can change their pick any time before our pick deadline.

What if I forget to enter my picks on time by the designated deadline?

If you miss the deadline for any week, you can designate your proxy to choose a random five (5) selections so a contestant is not left with a zero for the week.

Can my proxy sign up for the contest for me?

No. All registrations must take place in-person with the contestant and proxy signing up together at the designated casino.

How do I submit my picks each week to the proxy service?

Contestants will receive login credentials to submit their picks each week via our online web portal.

When is the deadline each week to submit picks?

All picks are due by Saturday at 11am (PT) if you are playing Sunday/Monday games. If you decide to play the Thursday game, then all picks are due before the Noon PT deadline on Thursday.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept cash, PayPal or Venmo.